How It Works

Think of Expand like a Virtual Back Office for businesses. Our objective is to help your business:

Integration into your business

Regular Outsourcing jobs

Dial up Dial down

How It Works

Integration into your business

Freeing your team up to focus on what really matters.

Smart businesses know that advisers should be spending their time performing client facing, high value, revenue producing activities. However, modern day compliance makes this a challenge. Expand will allow you to get  more from your team, minimising time advisers spend on management and administration tasks and freeing them up to focus on what really matters.

Your business will benefit in several ways:

  • You only pay our team when they are actually doing work for you.
  • You have better capacity to manage peak and slow work periods, minimising costs and backlogs.
  • The less time you have to spend managing staff, the more time you can spend with clients. 

Local Staff. Local Knowledge

All of our staff are experienced and based in Australia. This ensures the highest quality of work  for your business and gives you the confidence and trust you need to be successful. 

Fee Structure

Our model is based on a fixed fee per task and hourly rate. This means you only pay for the time spent doing the task we are doing and are able to guarantee 100% productivity from our team. 

For tasks that are unique to your practice or are significantly different to the common fixed fee tasks on our price list, we charge an hourly rate.  

Step 1.

Initial Meeting to discuss your business model and requirements

During this initial meeting we will learn about your business and what type of support you require. In addition, we will run you through the Expand model, how we work, our processes and pricing.

Step 2.

Meet the Expand team.
Understanding your systems and processes.

When you meet with our Operations Manager and an Administrator, we talk through the details of each task you are considering outsourcing in great detail, so we are certain we know how to do things your way and are familiar with any systems and programs you use.

We can also build (or amend your current) Advice Process Map, detailing your advice process from end to end and highlighting who is responsible for each step in the process.

Step 3.

Determine which services you would like Expand to provide

We generally recommend starting with outsourcing one or two tasks while everyone gets to know each other and gets familiar with the process.



Step 4.


Once you have decided to engage Expand, we will provide a checklist of things we will need in order to commence working as your virtual back office including system access, document templates, relevant contact details etc.

In the first few weeks and months we will check in regularly to ensure address any concerns or changes required to ensure the process runs smoothly  We will actively encourage you to provide feedback so we can be sure we are delivering work as you would expect it.

What our clients say

I had used Expand in my sole practitioner practice for many years, updating insurance records and obtaining fund and insurance research. Since merging my practice with a much larger firm, we have re-engaged Expand to conduct further work and provide assistance. The interactions are smooth and speedy, with Expand very easy to interact with and taking some load off our customer service officers. I’d recommend other practitioners who are looking for some additional administrative assistance to utilise the services on offer from Expand.
Luke Buttersfield
I’ve had the great benefit of working with Expand as part of our business. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend their services. As a sales professional time is always hard to find and the Expand team have been great working with me to book a large number of my client appointments. Importantly by being able to be a regular user of their services, I’d had the pleasure of working with a few consultants, more recently Anne who has been booking my meetings for the past couple of years. As such she has built up a rapport with my clients who now expect and look forward to her call and personal touch. Well done Expand and Anne, you make my job so much easier!
David Crawford
I have been working with Expand for over five years. Expand were recommended to me by two different financial service providers when my business was desperately needing additional system support. I was sceptical at first but once the service delivery commenced, Expand’s focus on important client maintenance: Fee Disclosure Statements, insurance reviews and file notes allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business with confidence & peace of mind. Even though Expand operate remotely, they are like having an extra person (or two) in the office to help when you need it. You and your business can only benefit from using their reliable services.
Karl Hombergen